Thursday, February 4, 2010

Natural Nursery

To create this room we used ordinary square ottomans and transformed them into bedroom furniture for our son. The "Natural" theme was inspired by the "Going Green" craze these days and can be used as end and coffee tables. Being multi functional was very important so the ottomans can easily be pulled out for extra seating in the Family Room next door. Small details in the room, like a bear in the corner, a wooden train, a nursery book and clothes hanging exposed invites you to welcome the warmth of a baby.


  1. Goodness, you are AMAZING!! Makes me wanna pack my bags, grab my family and move in with you. You are so inspiring.

  2. Hey....don't speak too soon. I see what you do and if you apply what you do with clothes and ribben into your home your potencial won't fall short of great. I love every thing you do from one hobby girl to another.

  3. this room looks amazing! This is one thing I am not good at: decorating. It honestly overwhelms me. After 8 years of marriage, our place still lacks a sense of personality and character. I just have no idea how to put it all together with a budget in mind.